The Truth about Tango

14 Jan

The Truth about Tango
By Rachel Chimera

Most people probably first experienced tango as it was played out on the big screen: a sultry, mysterious woman dancing passionately around a tuxedo-clad man in an Argentine brothel, or some similarly far-removed fantastical place. This might have something to do with the common misconception that nobody really dances the tango, that only starlets of the silver screen and double agents from blockbuster hits do it.

Actually, though the popularity of tango has waxed and waned several times since the initial tango craze in the early 20th century, it is still considered one of the top social dance styles to learn. In fact, in 2009, UNESCO declared tango an “intangible cultural heritage.”

Another misconception is that the tango is too difficult to learn. While it takes slightly more practice, the payoff for that work is greater than in other dances. It can make you feel sensuality through the slightest movement. Much of learning the tango involves understanding musicality as much as learning steps. Technique is important, and, though only a basic level of understanding limits what you can do on the dance floor, you can still experience the passion of tango.

About the Author:
An avid dancer, Rachel Chimera has traveled the world to learn various styles, including salsa, Argentine tango, east coast swing, and hip hop. She has participated in film and theater productions as an Assistant Prop Stylist and Assistant Casting Director.


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