About Rachel Chimera

Rachel Chimera attended the University of Missouri-St. Louis on a scholarship that acknowledged her academic and athletic skills. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch newspaper named Ms. Chimera a scholar-athlete of Webster Groves High School. While in college, Ms. Chimera studied a range of topics, including literature, English, psychology, and the performing arts, spending semesters in Madrid, Spain, and in Utrecht, Netherlands. She graduated with a degree in psychology.

After her commencement, Rachel Chimera continued to explore her interests in music, dance, and theater, working in different facets of the entertainment industry. More recently, she served as videographer and interviewer on a documentary project about the musical group the Kings of Spade and often works as an Assistant Casting Director. Ms. Chimera also participated in the production of the short films Jesse’s Reasons and Godspeed.

Music plays an important role in Ms. Chimera’s life, and she enjoys folk, soul, hip-hop, rhythm and blues, and classic rock. For the past few years, Ms Chimera has donated her time as a volunteer at a music festival in Michigan, participating in setup and teardown and working as a cook.

Ms. Chimera often travels in the United States and overseas, recently visiting the Mayan ruins of Tulum in Mexico, as well as Kenya in 1998, and exploring Australia in 2010. She enjoys the company of dogs and cats, in addition to yoga, hiking, and reading.


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